How to make a holiday cottage or country house more comfortable and enjoyable? In the course are all sorts of chairs, garden swing, small architectural forms, planting flowers and lawn decoration and tracks. It’s no secret that a neat and well-groomed area is largely attached properly designed sidewalks, platforms, stairs.

One of the best materials in the design of suburban garden plot or a bar of rubber crumb. It will equally look good on the playground for games on the track in the parking lot, on the steps and landing near the house, pond or pool. Consider each option in detail.

Playground safety is an important aspect of the child. Since rubber tile is injury-coated, it will protect the child from injury during a fall. In addition, the rubber tiles are formed puddles, it does not stain clothes, it is well visible hazardous or unwanted items. Coating of rubber tiles 30-40 mm thick, you can put on the prepared granular surface (compacted screenings or even ground). And if you have already filled in on-site concrete or asphalt, you can use more economical dvadtsatimillimetrovoe coverage.

The rubber tile is used on garden paths. Owing to the peculiarities of installation (space between the plates does not wake up with sand) in the joints between the tiles is not growing moss and grass, not bred insects (eg ants). Coverage is available in the form of slabs 500×500mm pavers and the standard form “coil” “Wave,” “Brick.” Also available are color variations. Therefore we can choose the one you like option or combine them together.

For those who are faced with the problem of slippery steps in the rain or frost, suitable variant design stages with the help of rubber plates 20 mm thick. Ready pasted in step measurement with a rubber tile, as a result you get a level that will not slip even in winter. For the same reason, actually use a rubber pavers and tiles in areas around ornamental ponds and pools, at the exit of the bath or at home.

Rubber tiles can withstand even the great extreme temperatures, does not absorb water (it is drained through the joints or the slope). Care for such a coating is easy enough. In the summer suit brooms, sweepers, machines for blowing leaves, and hoses for irrigation. In the winter – brooms, wooden or plastic shovel snow machines. Rubber coating capable of withstanding the load of 1-2 cars, so it is permissible to use a private parking lot.

Now the rubber tiles can be purchased from the manufacturer in St. Petersburg. The price for such coverage is naturally lower than that of European counterparts, with the same quality characteristics.